Welcome to Richard Brown Associates

About Richard Brown Associates

Established in 2013, Richard Brown Associates offers high quality professional development across three settings:

  • Educational training
  • Business training
  • Professional coaching

When the client changes, the priority remains the same; to provide training that meets the needs of your organisation and the people within it.

Bespoke, relevant, focused.

We look forward to working with you.

About Richard Brown

Following a successful career in educational leadership, Richard Brown now delivers both educational and business training as well as keynote addresses and workshops at conferences all over the UK.

Through training at the world class Coaching Academy, Richard also offers both Personal and Performance Coaching and Corporate and Executive Coaching to individuals and business teams.

Behind the training, a real passion; to see individuals and organisations develop and grow through professional development which really hits the mark.

The client changes, the style never does; engaging, informing, enriching.